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Re: [APD] USDA Aquatic Snail Ban :( :( :(

Oh, well (harummph) sure, if you're going to actually reeeead the regulation before talking about it.
My goodness, what lengths some people won't go to just to be able to speak aaaaaccurately rather than emotionally. What is this hobby coming to?

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SUMMARY: This document gives notice that we intend to begin consistently
and routinely requiring that a permit must accompany all aquatic snails that
are imported into the United States or that are moving interstate. We also
intend to consistently require that shipments of aquatic snails, as with all
other plant pests imported under permit, be subject to inspection and to
begin routinely and consistently inspecting shipments of aquatic supplies or
plants that may contain aquatic snails.

The summary states all aquatic snails.  This is what inspectors will go by.
Also, the effective date is April 5, 2006.  Not June 1st.  I'll also point
out that it's a very rare occasion that hobbyist oriented shipments get
inspected, it is a requirement for commercial vendors.  The vendors are
required to have a permit for shipping snails or other pests and must
inspect supplies and plants for pests.  It's no different than the nursery
business.  Wholesalers must inspect stock for various plant pests before
they can start shipping for the season.  Also the state agent inspects stock
at the retail nursery.  Though I work in horticulture, as a hobbyist outside
of work I don't need a permit to send a few plants to a friend.  There are
still regulations that need to be followed, but we don't need to get into
that.  Retail prices will go up on desireable snail species and plants and
supplies should  come with fewer snails.  This is a good regulation, not a
bad one.

Nick Ternes
Oostburg, WI
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