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Re: [APD] USDA Aquatic Snail Ban :( :( :(


Perhaps my reading was off, but it seems, at least in this instance, 
that the USDA is primarily concerned with one or more species of 
Pomacea (Apple Snails) that are destructive to rice crops.  P. 
bridgesii, however, is not counted among them, and that is the Apple 
snail most common in the hobby as far as I know.  The declaration 
also specifies certain rice-producing states where the "bad" Apples 
can potentially cause the most harm, so it seems likely that 
shipments destined for these states will receive the most scrutiny.

Obviously, only time will tell how this restriction will impact the 
hobby, particularly those of us who enjoy Apple snails, but it may 
not be much of an issue in the end.  If someone were really rosy, 
they might even think that this will lead to suppliers being more 
careful about the hitchhikers they send along with their 
plants-n-stuff, since the US market is doubtlessly a lucrative one. 
Unfortunately, my Magic 8-Ball says odds are favorable that the whole 
situation will be utterly FUBAR in short order.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee

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