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[APD] Algae Quiz


Thanks for specifying which algae you meant by the single letter 
abreviations. A quick Google search reminded me of a recent post of yours 
copied below to answer the Green Dust Algae ID:

"Subject: [APD] The cure for Green Dust Algae (Akistrodesmus) infestations
From: Thomas Barr <tcbiii at yahoo_com>
Date: Tue, 2 May 2006 14:38:21 -0700 (PDT)

I orgnially identified this species found in our aquaria a few years 
ago(GSA, BGA, Staghorn as well).

This species is likely Akistrodesmus falcatus (Corda). The films we 
typically see are almost pure cultures of zoospores (asexual) and are 

Tom, I just noticed in my copy of Algae in Water Supplies by C.M. Palmer 
1962 that he spells this algae as Ankistrodesmus falcatus. I believe you may 
have made a typo and left out the "n".

Green Spot Algae: Could be: Anacystis dimidiata, Chlorella, Chlorococcum, 
Tetraspora, Phytoconis. I can't check anymore, too late. Need sleep.

Jerry Smith

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