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Re: [APD] Kent Botanica product line

Kettle, Sean wrote: 
> I guess you should move North of the 49th then!  There are at least a 
> half a dozen here in the capital, and we are only a city of 1 million 

Keep in mind that in the United States, people who buy hydroponics 
supplies are frequently scrutinized by the DEA. A power bill that 
exceeds some unknown threshold along with the purchase of hydroponic 
supplies and/or HID lighting is enough to presage a drug raid. 

It never even occurred to me that a brick and mortar hydroponics shop 
would even exist in the open prior to your post. I did not know you were 
in Canada. Apparently they exist in Kentucky also. 

Jerry Baker 

I guess we can chalk that up to another major difference between the US and Canada.

I do know that if you buy a new CO2 tank here, that you have to provide your name and telephone number for RCMP records and state its intended use.  Otherwise, you are free and clear.

Up here, hydroponics are a viable solution to extending the growing season.  Additionally, with the trend towards organic foods, there's more interest in veg growing at home than buying pre-packaged crap at the supermarket.

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