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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 33, Issue 20

> C: Could be: Cladophora, 

Staghorn is > Compsopogon, 

> V: Could be: Vaucheria
> O: Could be: Oedogonium
> S: Could be: Spirogyra
> D: Could be: Dichotomosiphon
> R: Could be: Rhizoclonium, 

> BBA is Audouinella.

Bonus question: what genus is Green dust algae?


I need an SEM for the GW, they are 2-3 microns across, there's
no way to ID them really without doing SEM, using know cultures,
watching them reproduce etc.
Little tiny round green things(LTRGT) are the worst PITA for

> Jerry Smith

The reason they make draw: you have not seen what you have not
drawn. Thought that was bad? Try a plant anatomy lab. 

Tom Barr

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