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Re: [APD] Kent Botanica product line

On 5/23/06, Jerry Baker <jerry at bakerweb_biz> wrote:
> Keep in mind that in the United States, people who buy hydroponics
> supplies are frequently scrutinized by the DEA. A power bill that
> exceeds some unknown threshold along with the purchase of hydroponic
> supplies and/or HID lighting is enough to presage a drug raid.

No kidding.  I have visions of showing DEA agents my aquaria.

Until the recent posts, I was like Jerry in having no idea you could
actually find hydroponics supply houses anywhere but the internet, nor was I
aware of anyone growing anything much hydroponically except a cash crop of
interest to the DEA.

I haven't used the Kent product line, but my LFS quit carrying it because it
seemed "unnaecessarily complicated" and customers complained about their
results.  I don't really know whether that has any meaning because I rather
strongly suspect that no one at the LFS really knew how to *use* that
product line.

> Liz
> http://pottedliz.home.comcast.net
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