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Re: [APD] Kent Botanica product line

They don't shoot any straighter than that, folks!
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Mark asks:

>>A local aquarium store has started offering the 
>>Kent Botanica fertilzer line [...] Anyone have 
>>experience with it, good or bad? Can't find much 
>>info about it, other than company PR.

This is one of the few products I don't have personal
first hand experience with.  But I've seen their displays
At trade shows and I am comfortable with their product
line - especially if you can buy local ... 

Personally, if there is anything that you can buy local
from your favorite local fish store,  I would encourage 
you to at least give it a try ... We need to try to 
support them ...

Barry writes:
>>Why would you want to waste money on expensive brand 
>>name products when you can buy the same thing for a 
>>fraction of the cost from Greg Watson?

I can give you several reasons <grin> ... If budget is 
not an issue, commercial ferts tend to be less messy, and
tend to be easy to dose ...

I often will encourage people to stay with what they are
used to ... And I will often recommend the Seachem line
Of products, because I think they are the best you can get.
Others like Tom Barr like the Tropica product line better, 
Which by the way is now coming out with a new line of 
products that has all of your macros available as stand 
alone products just like the Kent line you are looking at 
as well as my favorite the Seachem line ... 

So I would encourage you to give the Kent line a try; and if
You do, please drop me an email message letting me know what 
your experience is like because I often get asked this exact 
question and am unable to share any personal experience.
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