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Re: [APD] Balanced Ecosystems, etc.

This should reactivate the list.

"-------------but the key to any eco system is
balance----and any effective balance is not static------a desired look is
not mother natures way------the natural eb and flow within any ecosystem
is---------clymax populations in an eco system------tend to be self
correcting and . . . "

A balanced but ever changing ecosystem!  Why does this make me remember the
second hour of cocktail parties, where a conversation that started out to be
intellectually interesting developed  into a chat about a man who lived in a
hollow tree in the next town?

"----the lake is about 1 mile long---well stocked----the plan is to keep it
as Daniel Boone found it and never let it be developed----"

The planners will have to find a way to remove the non-native species from
this large, well-stocked pond.  Lots of luck with that.

But:  I have an 85 year old northern catalpa that produces large amounts of
seed pods every autumn.  Frankly, it is a pain of a tree that produces many
huge leaves to be raked as well as the messy pods that nothing eats, as far
as I can see.
If you will give me a mailing address, I will be happy to send you some
pods.  In fact, you can have the whole tree if you want it.

Best wishes,


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