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Re: [APD] Algae - Causes and Solutions

I believe Jerry Baker wrote this email section below:
> Vaughn Hopkins wrote:
>> I would very much like to make any corrections, additions, or whatever 
>> to make this more accurate - for my use primarily, but for anyone 
>> else's use that desires.
> That image would be much smaller in size if it were a GIF, and even 
> smaller still if it were an 8-bit PNG. Just FYI.

Saving it as a 2bit GIF might be better as there is no colour.

Or you could just have it as a bit of text. <600 bytes. ;-)
That way you don't need a 50MByte web browser to see it!

Algae Types-Causes-Fixes
|                        |                     |                         |
| Blue Green Algae (BGA) | Low NO3             | Add NO3/blackout        |
| Black Brush Algae (BBA)| Low CO2             | Add CO2                 |
| Green Water (GW)       | Ammonia             | Water Changes/elim NH4  |
| Green Spot Algae (GSA) | Low PO4/low CO2     | Add PO4/CO2             |
| Staghorn Algae         | Ammonia/low CO2     | Elim NH4/Add CO2        |
| Green Dust Algae (GDA) | Life Cycle - spores | Allow to complete cycle |

Stuart Halliday
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