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[APD] Plants that wont follow the rules?

Hey folks... i have an interesting one for you.

Here at the store i have my 120g display tank going.  Its now *almost* 
7 weeks old and doing wonderfully - my glosso is going crazy, the 
wallachi is actually cooperating for me... *however*

the Lobelia cardinalis just will NOT convert to its submerged growth 
form.  I have about 5 of them in there - one was a save over from 
another tank and it was submerged growth already - but my nursery ones 
that were full emmersed growth are still REFUSING to convert... in fact 
growing happily along with emmersed leaves still being produced!!!  
I've tried pruning off emmersed growth - nothing, have tried lowering 
the light (see below in tank stats) - not working.  Will excess light 
cause that?  I'm just lost and looking for suggestions on how to get 
this plant to convert!.

Here's some stats on the tank.

120g open top
100+ lbs of Eco-Complete
Full line Seachem Nutrient program (N, P, K, Traces, Iron, Flourish)
4x54 HO T5 6500K (20,000 lumens) @ 10 hrs/day (6 bulb fixture, only 
running 4 right now)
Pressurized co2 (apprx 20-25ppm)


-Berne Kairunas
Aquatic Plant Specialist
Choice Aquariums Sales Team

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