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Re: [APD] P. Denisonii

On 5/10/06, Thomas Barr <tcbiii at yahoo_com> wrote:
> Beth, 90 gal would be sort of small IMO. A 125 barely keeps 4 of
> them when they are full grown.

I agree.  A 125 is too small.  Further, 4 is not enough of a group.

I've seen them in a planted 300 gal. in a school of 15.  They act very
differently in larger numbers in a tank of sufficient room.  They were the
only fish in the tank except for some botias, size was about 5 inches.  They
raced around the tank -- utterly amazing to watch.  I know someone who keeps
them in a freshwater stingray pool that is only about a 12" deep but is
easily 6' x 6'.  I haven't seen them since he put them in so I don't know
how well that works.
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