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Re: [APD] aquarium stands

Eli Moss wrote:

> Yikes, this metal stand has only a ring around the edge of the aquarium's
> bottom, no actual top surface for the whole bottom pane of the aquarium to
> rest on.  Is the structural integrity of the bottom pane enough to support
> the contents of this 30 gallon aquarium?  Does it need some sort of bottom
> support, or will it be fine supported only at the edges?  The last thing I
> need is thirty gallons of frightened ocellaris falling out a trapdoor
> aquarium.
> fretfully,
> Eli

Yes, this is a typical stand.  My 30 gal stand is designed like that. 
It has been holding water and about 4 inches of gravel (for the plants) 
for several years with no problems.


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