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Re: [APD] Adding more light options

It's a toss here. The All-Glass bulbs are GEs and are good bulbs and the AG fixtures are reliable. I know one can't beat the AHS reflectors but the All-glass might not perform any worse. The AHS hoods look nicer to me, being real wood.
Personally, I'm partial to the AHS equipment and have gutted new Perefcto and All-Glass hoods just to switch in AHS kits. But *you* don't have to be that nutty. The diff between the two fixtures probably would not justify a trememdous price diff. If both do what you want, then go for the one that costs significantly less. Other things being equal, I'd go for the AHS.
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I have 4-55 watt power compacts on my 120 tank and was thinking of adding 2  
more 55 watt bulbs. 

The fixtures I have are All Glass. I could add 2 more and they would fit  the 
top of my tank or I could build 2 fixtures and install the AHS 2- 55 kit in  
each fixture.

Just buying a couple more All Glass or some other brand fixture would  be the 
easiest but that would be a lot of fixtures to always be moving  around. The 
AHS way would cost more and take more time but I'm  assuming that it would be 
a better quality fixture.

I was hoping that I might get some input here as to what would be the best  
way to go.

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