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Re: [APD] Sulfa antibiotics and plants

If one was faced with needing to use a chemical that would be detrimental  to 
the plants in order to effectively treat a problem with the fish, why not  
remove the plants?
Almost all of the plants in my tanks were originally shipped to  me usually 
in plastic bags with little or no water ( just enough to  keep damp) for at 
least 2 days sometimes as long as 7 days.  All  survived.
If i didn't have a quarantine tank, or even a plastic tub, i would put them  
into black unscented plastic leaf bags, close tightly with a little water, and 
 treat the tank.  If i needed to treat for more than 5-7 days i would go to  
Home Depot and buy a tub. Lot cheaper than replacing the plants and makes a  
great temporary "tank" if you ever need one
Are there common things we treat fish for that would attach to the plants  
and SURVIVE that long in a bag? Say a quick Hydrogen Peroxide rinse before  
adding back to the tank??
what am i missing here?? comments??
rich green 
milton ma
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