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[APD] Sulfa antibiotics and plants

Out of lurk mode.

I am in the eighth of ten days treating my 38 gallon Tanganyikan tank with 
Sulfa 4 TMP from National Fish Pharmaceuticals (www.nationalfishpharm.com). 
I am following the label directions as to the dosage and treatment duration 
and tank water changes. The label says not to use it in planted tanks. Here 
I deviate from the label. My Tanganyikan tank is planted with Hygro. 
polysperma, Crypt. blassii, Crypt. spiralis, Crypt. ciliata, duckweed and 
hornwort. I am seeing a definite dieback on the duckweed-each one is getting 
smaller and bleaching white. The hornwort has melted. I am seeing the C. 
blassii starting to melt and the C. spiralis is also melting. I am willing 
to accept this as I don't want to lose the fish. It is easier to replace the 
plants if needed. I have kept up my regular dosing during the treatment 

Sulfa 4 TMP is: Trimethoprim, Sulfadiazine, Sulfamerizine, Sulfamethazine, 
and Sulfathiazole Sodium.

My question is: What is the reason for the plant dieback when using this 
antibiotic mixture? I take a guess that the antibiotic interrupts some step 
in the metabolism of the bacteria that is also found in the plants. Anyone 
know if this is really the reason?


Jerry Smith in Bloomingdale, NJ

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