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Re: [APD] Help! My Eheim is leaking.

Where is the water comming out? From around the O-ring that seals the top onto the canister or from the handle-hold area where the electric cord comes out?
If the former, thent he o-ring is probably not seating well and either needs to be coated with some of the jelly that Eheim should have enclosed with the filter or else it needs to be replaced (usually just needs sme jelly).
If the latter, then the leak is coming from the seal arouind the plunger (the big button that starts the siphon). With a q-tip or other such small decive you can apply some jelly to the seal area, work the plunger a few times until it moves freely, and the leak will probably be gone.
Canisters like Eheims with the pump on the top (on the outlet side of the canister) are less likely to leak when running because the pump causes a slightly negative (or reduced) pressure in the canister. Once you turn off the pump, weight of the water in the tubes causes a slightly increased pressure. 
Hope that helps,
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Hi y'all,

My Eheim 2026 leaks only when the power is off.  It runs fine other times. 
It appears to back-siphons when the power is off.  Does anyone know what 
causes this problem?
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