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Re: [APD] Keeping, breeding and raising Cherry Shrimp

It's not terribly difficult to keep or breed them. Lots of plants,
some algae, no fish if you want to raise baby shrimp. Without
predators, they'll multiply surprisingly fast. I keep mine in a
lightly stocked community planted tank, and the population seems to
grow very slowly, if at all. They eat algae and are about as effective
as Amano shrimp as algae-control, but they'll eat pretty much anything
that sinks before algae. I keep them at tropical temperatures,
slightly acidic pH, and softish water but I haven't noticed them to be
overly sensitive to water chemistry, though they do tend to molt right
after water changes. Perhaps a slight temperature change triggers
this? I've heard that minute amounts of chlorine will kill them, but
I've never tested this (nor will I).
Many people claim that adding small amounts of iodine to the water is
good for shrimp health and breeding. I tried it for a few months and
it had no noticeable effect. I guess it depends on what kind of food
they're getting.

As for breeding, it'll just happen if they're looked after. I used to
breed them in a dedicated 10 gallon tank in a variety of hardnesses
and had over 100 shrimp in it at various times. I fed them spirulina
tablets, boiled spinach/zucchini, and occasionally community pellets.
I eventually stopped because quite frankly it's so easy to breed them
it's boring :)

Good luck with them, they're fascinating little beasties.

On 4/30/06, J Miller <jvision at telus_net> wrote:
> I'm looking for a few good articles on keeping, breeding and raising Cherry
> Shrimp.  Right now I have 10 small ones in a 10gal tank w. Riccia, Hygro.
> polysperma, Flourite gravel, filtered with a small HOB w. just lave rock in
> it.
> Any suggestions?
> Jason M.
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