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[APD] Plant Fest 2K5 in this month's TFH

Thanks to Kevin for the write up in THF for the event.
He gave a good account of what the event entails.

For those willing to take a few days out and not leave the USA,
but still want the experience, the Plant Fest 2K6 is going to be
this June 10-17th , with the 11th-13th being the FW portion.
15-17th the Marine portion.

Stop looking at the glass box, become one with the plants, it'll
provide you with a dramatic change of attitude. Cost is cheap,
motel cost are cheap, food is cheap, the activities are cheap
and even folks that are not really interested in plants enjoy
themselves great deal and have more driftwood than they know
what to do with.

Wanna see mermaid weed in it's natural state?
We got plenty for you.

Tom Barr


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