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Re: [APD] Inline Carbon?

Thanks to all those who responded to my query, unfortunately, a brief look
about the local hardware store revealed nothing that looked like it could be
made to perform what I had in mind, at least not without a serious risk of
nasty leakage.

It occurs to me though that what I'm trying to construct, namely an inline
cavity with handy quick disconnect valves, is actually best described by,
well, a canister filter. It may be that my cheapest and, in all likelihood
most failsafe, option is to plumb in a second (pre-loved) canister filter to
the existing one and use that for housing some carbon instead. Quickly and
easily emptied of carbon and extra capacity could be used for more filter

So now my question to you is, can I connect two canister filters in series
like this (output from the main filter enters the input for the secondary
filter and then returns to tank)? Do I risk damaging my current filter (an
Eheim 2224, pump rated for 700l/h))? The secondary filter will likely be of
smaller capacity, possibly a Fluval 104 (480 l/h)as there is one currently
listed on our local (NZ) online auction site for not a whole lot of dollars.
Can this work?

- Rory

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> Does anyone know if its possible to get an inline, 
> refillable, activated-carbon filter? Just something that 
> could be spliced into the outflow from a canister filter to 
> hold a quantity of carbon, maybe with shut off valves so that 
> it could be conveniently added or removed without interfering 
> with the filter too much.
> I appreciate that activated carbon isn't generally encouraged 
> with planted tanks, due to its mopping out the ferts and 
> that, but it does remove yellowing and other discolouration 
> from tannins leached from driftwood and give final clarity 
> and sparkle to the water, and its relatively inexpensive, 
> especially in bulk. I'd like to be able to make use of carbon 
> just temporarily, maybe just for the couple of days prior to 
> a water change/ferts dose, and then be able to quickly and 
> conveniently remove it again. So I'd like to keep it outside 
> of the canister filter body proper, inline with the outflow pipe.
> Anyone using something like this? Is there such a product 
> avialable? Anyone made something similar?
> Thanks.
> - Rory
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