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Re: [APD] Jebo lights vs A&H

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the heads up!!

Us stay at home mom's build new tanks after the babies get fed.  So for now
this will have to do.   I haven't pried the lamp open to see what's in
there - so not sure about the ballast.    Perhaps not optimal - but for some
it may be the difference of being in the hobby or not?.   I must admit that
this lamp looks much better than a gang of shop lights hanging on the tank.

Thank you for letting me know that I can do better next time.  Guess I'll
start a lighting fund for upgrades.  I'll run some scenarios on using
different lights and see what I come up with....I'm just not a big fan of
the large plywood box on top of the aquarium.  Such a nuisance to get into
the tank for maintenance.    I could invent some pulley system to hoist it
up perhaps.....well maybe not.

So have you guys heard about this book called "The Simple Guide to Planted
Aquariums"?   Buy a copy so I can get some new lights ok?   Haha.


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> Terry, Jebo lights do not have electronic ballast according to
> some folks. I'm not sure.
> All I had to do was measure the PAR units of a JEBO 55 watt
> fixture and an A&H fixture.
> You do not even need the PAR meter see the dramatic difference,
> it's close to 2 times more light.
> 500 micromol/m^2/sec vs 220 at 4 inches distance.
> I think you defintiely get what you pay for and at about the
> same ratio of cost differences. If cost is a huge issues, shop
> lights and T8, DIY are good options.
> Over the life of the lighting, I'd go high quality
> personally(DIY or otherwise).
> Bulbs will last longer, add more light, cost less electric for
> more light.
> You can make the argument we should also not waste our money on
> reflectors based on the same logic.
> T5's are nice and are droping in price, but look for good e
> ballast, good reflectors etc.
> Regards,
> Tom Barr
> www.BarrReport.com

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