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Re: [APD] Jebo lights vs A&H

Terry, Jebo lights do not have electronic ballast according to
some folks. I'm not sure.

All I had to do was measure the PAR units of a JEBO 55 watt
fixture and an A&H fixture.

You do not even need the PAR meter see the dramatic difference,
it's close to 2 times more light.

500 micromol/m^2/sec vs 220 at 4 inches distance.

I think you defintiely get what you pay for and at about the
same ratio of cost differences. If cost is a huge issues, shop
lights and T8, DIY are good options. 

Over the life of the lighting, I'd go high quality
personally(DIY or otherwise).
Bulbs will last longer, add more light, cost less electric for
more light.

You can make the argument we should also not waste our money on
reflectors based on the same logic.

T5's are nice and are droping in price, but look for good e
ballast, good reflectors etc. 
Tom Barr



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