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[APD] Ebay and Google Base

I believe Terry Barber wrote this email section below:
> I can only relay my experience.  I purchased 2 - 48 inch - 210 watt Jebo
> fixtures from an ebay vendor and paid $65 for each.

Great. Nice lights and they do ones for a 12" and 24" tank.
But typically I need one for a 18" long tank! Worse luck.

 >  How does anybody on ebay sell for so
> low - often people are buying close out lots.

Lots of individuals seem to be buying large amounts of trade fish food and 
sell it in small packets. So it works out cheaper for the private aquarist.

In the UK the Government is said to be thinking of adding a eBay Tax...
eBay *is* very popular over here.

> I can't really say - but
> there are bargains there to be found.

I just bought a 200g bag of Tetra PRO colour fish food for £3.

>  There are also overpriced items - as
> anything it's always buyer beware.  I only offer it up as an alternative
> source to somebody who was looking for a bargain.

I think Google Base may give eBay a run for their money. ;-)


Stuart Halliday

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