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Re: [APD] Lights and Ebay

I can only relay my experience.  I purchased 2 - 48 inch - 210 watt Jebo
fixtures from an ebay vendor and paid $65 for each.  I have had no problems
with the product and am pleased at the value - my tanks look great.   I shop
on ebay frequently and have had problems with a vendor only one time - and
it was resolved to my satisfaction.  How does anybody on ebay sell for so
low - often people are buying close out lots.  I can't really say - but
there are bargains there to be found.  There are also overpriced items - as
anything it's always buyer beware.  I only offer it up as an alternative
source to somebody who was looking for a bargain.

Ebay has a system of feedback which you can check on any vendor before you
purchase.  There are so many vendors on ebay I can only give general advice
on using ebay.  First - use a credit card for any purchase.  Vendor doesn't
take a card payment....don't use vendor.  The dispute process available
through your credit card is something you do not want to give up.  You can
use paypal and have paypal charge your credit card also.........this gives
you a lot of dispute protection.  Don't buy anything cash only.  Don't buy
anything that is more expensive than you can afford to lose if the deal is a
fraud.  Also check the shipping cost - some vendors sell and item on the
cheap then try to charge some large "handling" fee to make up for it.
That's the best ebay advice I can give.  I'm careful and have had 99% good
experiences using ebay.


Happy Shopping

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