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Re: [APD] lighting on the cheap

I'll make the pitch for T5HO ... it's not cheap, but neither are any
of these other solutions, they just have a lower up-front cost, but
higher operating costs as well as more frequent bulb replacements.

On my 55g which is moderately planted, I have a dual 54 watt T5HO
setup (excessive!) however, I usually only run one bulb or the other
(dual ballasts now) ... on my 29g which is heavily planted, I run a
single 24 watt T5HO

The 24 watt bulb just cut out (end of bulb life detection is built
into the ballast), after more than 2 years of 10h/day service, the 54
watt bulbs are newer and are still going strong.

I picked up my retrofit kits from reefgeek.com, and installed them
into diy canopies.

this is just my $2 worth of opinion ;)


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