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Re: [APD] another lighting question

For what you are looking for 220 watts would work fine.  It is low 
enough that you might not need CO2, and fertilizing would be a weekly 
thing, not a three times a week thing.  You can get the fertilizers 
pretty cheaply from Gregg Watson.  It would be a low to moderate light 

Vaughn H.

On Tuesday, April 18, 2006, at 09:34 AM, Eli Moss wrote:

> Would that I could afford such illuminated luxury, but unfortunately a 
> 4x96w
> setup is far, far out of my budget.  I'm asking more what can I get 
> away
> with, than what would be best to have.  Is 220 watts of AHsupply 
> compact
> fluorescent in two 2x55 strips going to tide me over, or is that just 
> simply
> not enough?  I don't need explosive plant growth, but I would like to 
> see
> something.  This is going to be a fairly low-tech setup, with maybe 
> some
> token yeast CO2 injection, and light fertilization.
> Eli

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