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Re: [APD] another lighting question

I would be looking at a way to fit three 96 watt strips onto the top of 
that tank if I were trying this.  I don't think two 96 watts or four 55 
watts would satisfy you, especially if you decide you want a nice low 
growing carpet of plants, or want really good colors in the red plants. 
  With the three 96 watt lights you can always leave one turned off if 
you later decide it is too much.  Just my opinion, of course.

Vaughn H .

On Monday, April 17, 2006, at 11:30 PM, Eli Moss wrote:

> Ok, I've taken a shine (as it were) to the AH Supply lights.  The 
> question
> is now how much do I need?  I've tried to read up on commonly used 
> lighting
> intensities, but apparently this is a pretty controversial issue.
> Controversy is great, but not helpful for a confused soul like me.  
> For a
> 140g aquarium, what total wattage of compact fluorescent would I need?
> Watts per gallon?  I'm looking at either two 1x96w strips, or two 2x55w
> strips.  Too much?  Not enough?  As always, I'm looking to pay as 
> little as
> possible.
> Eli

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