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Re: [APD] how much salt is ok?


I'm going to guess that you've already run the full
battery of water tests and that they've come up okay.
Of not, do so. Are the plants doing all right, too? 

Though I don't keep puffers at home, never have, I
have taken care of them when I worked at a fish store,
so I know they like meaty foods like bloodworms and
LOVE the occasional small pond snail. Maybe someone
else who keeps them can weigh in, but as I understand
it they need to eat shelled critters like snails
regularly so their teeth/beak doesn't grow together. I
know that's true for larger, saltwater ones, so it may
be the case for figure eights as well. I take it
you're feeding him what he needs.

What's your temp? I seem to remember they like it a
little cooler than the usual tropical freshwater, but
again I defer to those list members who actually have
one buzzing around their tank. Good luck, hope it
helps. I always liked figure-eights the best of the
freshwaters, even if they're really good at puffing up
and dying when you're trying to catch them out of a
wholesaler's 20-gal! :(


Joel wrote:
> I have a figure eight puffer in my tank... recently
> he has been acting a
> little stressed and I know that they do like at
> least a small amount of salt
> in their water (it used to be debated that they were
> strictly brackish but
> now the general consensus is that they are fresh
> water) anyway how much salt
> is ok in a planted aquarium? I've read that your not
> supposed to put salt in
> a planted tank... is this true?
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