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Re: [APD] Lighting question for small tanks

I picked up a 24" 6 gallon tank for my desk at work. It came with a single
15w bulb. While it would be 2.5 watts per gallon, at that size the rule
doesn't apply.

Anacharis grew, but just barely.

I took the light fixture apart, added the guts from a $6 15w under cabinet
fixture from WallyWorld effectively doubling my light, and it works great.
With DIY CO2 I'm growing red ludwigia in dense bushes with red undersides,
anubias nana in tall bushes, and pink hygro that is pink half way down the
tank (below that it's green). The anacharis is just my nutrient sink since
it is growing at 1" per day in the middle areas of the tank. The anacharis
and hygro need trimming every few days!

The Guacamole Bus
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