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Re: [APD] Lighting question for small tanks

The depth of the tank has a lot to do with it. I'd guess 8 watts might be enough to grow most anything you want.


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> I've been given a Cayman Aquarium, its pretty small at 
> 20Litres (5.3 US
> Gallons) and it comes with a 8W 12" tube.
> Now at 2.5W per gallon, it seems to me to need around a 13W 
> tube to allow plants a decent amount of growth surely?
> So why do these people put a pathetic 8W tube in?
> So I got to thinking about getting more light in it.
> I've got a table top adjustable lamp which costed me only £15 
> and it has a 11W tube in it. So me thinks, strip that apart 
> and put that tube in the lid!
> Suppose to be 6400K.
> The lamp looks like two 8" tubes side by side but joined at the top.
> See pic.
> No reason I can't use this is there?
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> Stuart Halliday

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