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[APD] Lighting question for small tanks

I've been given a Cayman Aquarium, its pretty small at 20Litres (5.3 US Gallons) and it comes with a 8W 12" tube.

Now at 2.5W per gallon, it seems to me to need around a 13W tube to allow plants a decent amount of growth surely?

So why do these people put a pathetic 8W tube in?

So I got to thinking about getting more light in it.
I've got a table top adjustable lamp which costed me only £15 and it has a 11W tube in it. So me thinks, strip that apart and put that tube in the lid!

Suppose to be 6400K.
The lamp looks like two 8" tubes side by side but joined at the top.
See pic.

No reason I can't use this is there?

Stuart Halliday
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