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[APD] lighting on the cheap

I'm looking at the possibility of a 140-gallon aquarium with all equipment
except lighting included, mine for the reasonable price of FREE.  It's a
tremendously lucky break, especially for a broke highschooler.  The issue of
light is a bit of a thorn in my side, though.  Up till now I've just been
using four foot shoplights, which work for my 40g high and my homemade 90g
terrarium.  I was looking at VHO compact fluorescent and metal halide
options, which are all far too expensive for me.  An idea I had is to just
use about four 85w screw-in compact fluorescent bulbs suspended just above
the water.  I'd get away with the lighting for about eighty dollars, which
seems way too good to be true.  Is there anything inherently wrong with this

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