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Re: [APD] how much salt is ok?

I believe Joel Fizette wrote this email section below:
> I have a figure eight puffer in my tank... recently he has been acting a
> little stressed and I know that they do like at least a small amount of salt
> in their water (it used to be debated that they were strictly brackish but
> now the general consensus is that they are fresh water) anyway how much salt
> is ok in a planted aquarium?

I have 2 as well and I don't bother in my planted tank.

> I've read that your not supposed to put salt in a planted tank... is this true?

Only in cases of medical treatments I suppose.

King British sell a 'revitaliser tonic' which is basically soluble salts in 

Watch out for the deadly Tetrodotoxin... ;-)

Stuart Halliday
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