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Re: [APD] excel

I think the pure glutaralaldehyde is missing the "acetal". Consider what Paul Sears said on this mail list way back in 2000 on this tried and true topic:
Glutaraldehyde is a dialdehyde - HCO(CH2)3CHO.  Acetals
are products of the reaction of alcohols with aldehydes.  These will
tend to be hydrolysed (come apart) in water, to release the aldehyde
and alcohols, both of which would probably be very popular with some
of the local bacteria.  The alcohols and aldehydes will be oxidised
quite readily to organic acids, which will also add to the KH measurement
confusion, though the amounts will almost certainly be too small to 
cause a significant problem.
And David A. Youngker added these suuppositions in 2002:
I suspect that the poly-- compound in Excel more or less readily breaks down into, among other things, glutaralaldehyde, which in turn reacts with other chems in the water and that is the reason that the MSDS has to list the glutaralaldehyde. The fact that, as SeaChem stated, it is less reactive than glutaralaldehyde possibly makes it more stable in the bottle or longer, slower acting in the aquarium or both. However, it very well might be that the poly-- is broken down into other molecules that are used by the plants and at that ppoint it's not the glutaraldehyde that is key to plant growth/ carbon use process but some other compound formed from the poly -- . If all one had to do was add the aldehyde, I can't see it as a patantable product and imagine many other companies would have marketed a form of it.
I'm just guessing, more wildly than Mr Youngker, because we haven't seen anything new on this topic in a few years.
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I don't know about a complex sugar but I am curious to know if anyone has  
tried or has anymore knowledge as to if Glutaraldehyde can be used for 
Polycycloglutaracetal (Excel).

I found a 50% / 50% Glutaraldehyde  / water solution of 100ml for $35. . . .
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