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Re: [APD] Excel

This topic has come up more than once. Excel's key ingredient is polycycloglutaracetal, as stated by Dr. Morin here:
There's more than a few posts in the archives about Excel, inlcuding some quotes from Dr. Morin of SeaChem. Here's one:
and here is some further info:
As Dr. Morin has stated:
"It is very important that the user heed the rather bold warning on the label to _not overdose_ the product (yes there is a safety margin built in)."
I know of folks that dose beyond the bottle instructions without apparent problems (probably enjoying the "built in" safety margin).
Oddly, there are no posts that give the phonetic spelling ;-)
have plants, have fun,

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Excel contains a substance called Gluteraldehyde which is frequently 
used as a disinfectant and sterilizer.

That's why it's effective at stopping algae.

I triple dosed my tank with Excel and things look much, much better.

Kim wrote:
> I was reading in another website that one of the guys overdosed with Excel
> by 5 times the dosage and all his algae dies within a week, now how could
> this be? 
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