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Re: [APD] Inline Carbon?

I believe Rory O'Brien wrote this email section below:
> Does anyone know if its possible to get an inline, refillable,
> activated-carbon filter? Just something that could be spliced into the
> outflow from a canister filter to hold a quantity of carbon, maybe with shut
> off valves so that it could be conveniently added or removed without
> interfering with the filter too much.

Clear Tide sells clear plastic tubes of various width sizes which you fill 
with your own material.
It has at each end a standard pipe so you can connect it to any other system.

You need your own valves though.

The tube has a lip so that you can hang it off the edge of a tank.

I've got two of them removing nitrates.

They don't have a web site.

Though they do have email.

Guy's name is Dave.

Dmrtides at aol_com

Stuart Halliday
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