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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 32, Issue 14

> That's not even how weed killers work. Most are herbicides,
> like
> glyphosphate, which inhibit enzymes like EPSP synthase.
> Isn't a simpler explanation just that the Excel promoted
> higher plant
> growth, inhibiting the algae?

No, try it and you will see the algae die off fairly quick(Too
much excel is toxic to fish as well), and the main cause of
algae is lack of CO2 for a given light level, it's true to some
degree also, but not the mechansim of action.

That would imply the plants produce alleopathic chemicals or
they limit nutrients.

All noxious algae we deal with do fine ona ncie diet of NO3, but
NH4 is a good way to induce a bloom to an otherwise healthy
tank, so that's the only nutrient plants might outcompete algae
on by maitaining a low enough level to prevent blooms.
I think the intermediate carbon clogs up and slows some algae
species Carbon uptake concentrating systems but does not harm
higher and lower plants which tend to have stomata and protected
regions of CO2 uptake unlike algae which have their cell
surfaces exposed and often are very sensitive, having very high
affinity for small amounts of CO2 in the water.

But........at least Excel's a plant nutrient that is likely
lacking seriously(carbon), so adding it is useful unlike many
snake oils.

Tom Barr


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