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[APD] Inline Carbon?

Does anyone know if its possible to get an inline, refillable,
activated-carbon filter? Just something that could be spliced into the
outflow from a canister filter to hold a quantity of carbon, maybe with shut
off valves so that it could be conveniently added or removed without
interfering with the filter too much.

I appreciate that activated carbon isn't generally encouraged with planted
tanks, due to its mopping out the ferts and that, but it does remove
yellowing and other discolouration from tannins leached from driftwood and
give final clarity and sparkle to the water, and its relatively inexpensive,
especially in bulk. I'd like to be able to make use of carbon just
temporarily, maybe just for the couple of days prior to a water change/ferts
dose, and then be able to quickly and conveniently remove it again. So I'd
like to keep it outside of the canister filter body proper, inline with the
outflow pipe.

Anyone using something like this? Is there such a product avialable? Anyone
made something similar?
- Rory
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