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Re: [APD] Clown Plec

Ancistrus can cause havoc on swords if the number of the Anicstrus is sufficiently large.. A single one should not be a problem. They grow to about 6 inches so they are not a good choice for small tanks. 

Btw, Ancistrus can be very easy to breed, whether you want to or not. So more than two should not be used unless you have some excellent netting abilities or a desire to make a choice similar to Penny's -- swords be damned. ;-)
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> Hi,
> I'm thinking of adding a Clown Plec to my fully planted community tank
> for some light algae control.  The only thing is I have two Amazon Sword
> plants in the tank, will the Plec eat them?  Otherwise the tank seems
> fine or it as I have bogwood as a feature in the tank already.  I've had
> a pair of Otos in the tank for 3-4 months but recently one has
> disappeared (I've not found the body) so I was thinking of getting
> something a bit bigger as I've always been interested in catfish.
> Daniel
Consider an Ancistrus spp. (bushynose plec) instead of a clown.  Many of 
the Peckoltia spp. don't eat much algae at all, preferring meaty 
foods.   Ancistrus spp. generally reach about 4".  IME most plecos will 
scrape swords a bit if they run out of algae.  Having wood for them to 
scrape for fiber helps.  Also supplement their diets with romaine 
lettuce, cucumber or algae wafers so they have food they prefer to swords.

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