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[APD] An Echinodorus Tenellus Observation

Five months ago I planted 6 E. tenellus plants in a 5 X 8 inch container
with a soil substrate under 2mm - 3mm gravel.  The container was placed in
an aquarium that received a bit over 2 wpg but no extra CO2 or nutrient

The plants spread to the point where there was little space for new plants.
At that point they were 2" - 3" in height.

Then, the plants began to grow vertically.  Now they average 4" to 6" in
height and are growing taller.

It is well known that E. tenellus grows taller in strong light, but in this
case it was content to stay low while it increased its numbers.  When there
was no more room for that, then it grew taller.

I wonder how the plants learned that there was no longer enough room to make
new plants, so as a group,  "decided" to grow taller?


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