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[APD] Claus Cristensen at NEC

To those of you who haven't yet heard on one of the other lists, Claus 
Christensen will again be speaking at the Northeast Council of Aquarium 
Societies anuual convention April 7-9 in Hartford Connecticut.  We will kick 
off the weekend with our usual AGA meeting on Friday afternoon at 2:00 PM, 
where Claus will present a program for the more advanced aquarium plant 
hobbyists.  This is also an opportunity to meet many of the board members of 
the AGA.  His Saturday program will be aimed at a more general audience with 
something for everyone, no matter what your level of interest!

For more information visit the NEC website at:


If you have never attended an NEC worksop before, don't miss this one.  NEC 
puts on one of the best (IMO _THE_ best!!!) general aquarium hobby 
conventions in the country.  It's ALWAYS a great time.  This year is even 
better because Claus will be joining us too!


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