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Re: [APD] quoting and unsubscribing

The reason this issue comes up repeatedly is that, like soil underlayment substrates or bell-bottom pants, there are folks that like it one way and folks that don't.
It's not like it's right one way and wrong the other.
Inclusions are probably least appreciated by those receiving digests instead of filtering individual messages in to a folder. 
Gosh, sometimes the inclusion is the part I like reading and the response is what I skim or skip ;-)
regards all, have plants have fun,
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November too cold? Too hot? How would you like to spend part of it in San Francisco? Cable cars, Lombard St., Chinatown -- and a simply huge aquatic plant auction.

The 2006 Aquatic Gardeners Association Convention will be November 10-12 at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel -- San Francisco International Airport. 

Details will be posted soon at http://www.aquatic-gardeners.org/ 

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