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Re: [APD] quoting and unsubscribing

i guess i make this statement every other time this subject comes up.....

but, I like it this way.

One of my pet peeves is when i read a response, but what is being 
responded to is either missing or edited down so i end up having to 
search backwords to be reminded of whats being spoken about.

Not that I really care or anything..  its certainly not a big deal.

I think the opinions split between those who use the digest mode and 
those who get them straight and have their email program stick them all 
in their own folder as they come in.  Frankly I don't think the "digest 
mode" really digests anything at all...  it just kind of mangles all the 
messages by mixing them together.   But thats me, and thats why I don't 
do it that way.  Its so much easier for me to see a list of subject 
lines in my email program so you can skip the ones you don't want to 
read.  I just think its important to note that to make the suggested 
changes would be bad for me, even though they may be good for those who 
request them.

What's the better solution?  Change how everyone else writes their 
posts?  Or change how you read them?  Or at least deal with it and quit 
making a big deal out of such a minor annoyance.

-derek parr
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