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Re: [APD] quoting and unsubscribing

>  People used to understand the necessity of
> trimming their quotes, but now it seems that they just don't care.

I think the issue is broadband. Some of us remember 14.4 modems being the
fastest thing around! (Some of us remember being able to read text while it
was downloading on 300 baud modems!)  So we got into the habit of making
messages as short as possible.

Now, with 56k being the slowest typically available, and multi-megabyte
broadband very common, it's easy to forget. Add in smart email programs like
Gmail that hide quoted text and you see what happens.

The tradeoff to a heavily moderated list isn't worth it IMHO. I'd much
rather scroll through repeated quotes than have to wait a day or two for a
message to get out.

Vonage SUCKS!!
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