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[APD] quoting and unsubscribing

	To unsubscribe go here:

  Towards the bottom there is a link to edit/unsubscribe, clink on it, the 
next page will ask your email put it in, the next page will ask you to log 
in, but below that is an unsubscribe link click on it and ignore the log in 
thing.  It will send you a confirmation message.
	I know this because I am going to answer the confirmation message right 
after I send this.  I am sick and tired of getting multiple digest messages 
a day that are 90% or more quoted.  I don't have time to skim though all 
that crap and deal with rude idiots who won't edit their email.   There are 
always some asses that screw up a list and if moderators won't control them 
it ruins the list.

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