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Re: [APD] Flourish iron & KH drop

Many of us have found the iron tests to be the least reliable of all the usual asssortment of test kits.
So we eschew the iron tests and add more iron if the plants visibly need it.
If you fare better, more power to you. :-)
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That's been my experience also.

I recently bought a Hagen test kit (

Tap water reads zero (i.e the test sample stays clear).  My tank water 
read zero initially, & after a few days of adding Flourish iron, it 
increased to 0.1mg/l (the lowest reading possible - i.e the test sample 
has a noticeable bluey tinge).

I agree with you.  I bought it so that I could see if adding the iron was 
doing something at least (I don't plan to rely on the measurement!).

Just FYI - I tested the "5ml in 2l" sample.  The bluey tinge was off the 
scale!  So the test definitely reacts to different levels of Iron.

Like all of the colour-chart based tests, it's quite hard to distinguish 
between the colour above & the colour below.  Depending on the light & the 
angle of viewing, the resulting error can be quite high.
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