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Re: [APD] Flourish iron & KH drop

That's been my experience also.

I recently bought a Hagen test kit (

Tap water reads zero (i.e the test sample stays clear).  My tank water 
read zero initially, & after a few days of adding Flourish iron, it 
increased to 0.1mg/l (the lowest reading possible - i.e the test sample 
has a noticeable bluey tinge).

I agree with you.  I bought it so that I could see if adding the iron was 
doing something at least (I don't plan to rely on the measurement!).

Just FYI - I tested the "5ml in 2l" sample.  The bluey tinge was off the 
scale!  So the test definitely reacts to different levels of Iron.

Like all of the colour-chart based tests, it's quite hard to distinguish 
between the colour above & the colour below.  Depending on the light & the 
angle of viewing, the resulting error can be quite high.

Regards, Kevin

>S.Hieber wrote:
>What's your method of testing for iron. For the minscule levels one needs 
for aquatic gardening most of those of-the-shelf tests are pretty much 
>useless, imo. One way to make use of them, if they register any iron at 
all, that's usually enough.
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>>I guess a 500ml dose each time would be quite interesting to watch!
>>My tank initially measured 0mg/l Fe so I made an initial dose of 2 x 
>>"capfuls" (~4ml - 5ml).
>>After that, I was dosing a capful every other day & my Fe was hovering 
>>around 0.1mg/l.
>>I used the "5ml added to 2l" quantity so that the test was do'able & the 

>>result likely to be measurable by a "hobby" KH test kit.
>>Trying to add 50 microlitres of Flourish iron to 2l would be pretty 
>>impossible & I'm sure the result would be unmeasurable using a "two 
>>per degree KH" test kit.
>>However, what I can tell you is that, within 2 minutes of adding 5ml of 
>>Flourish iron to my 50g, the pH started to drop from it's controlled 
>>of 7.30, down to 7.15 after about 15 minutes.
>>So it seems to me I don't need to look elsewhere for the culprit!
>>Regards, Kevin
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