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Re: [APD] Goldfish and Plants

Goldfish do love plants; you may try protecting your treasured plants by 
providing lots of less-treasured plants to serve as the fishy salad bar. 
They do like anacharis, and mine LOVE hornwort. This is a problem as 
hornwort really mucks up our mechanical filters. Also, the books I read 
said they prefer anacaris to hornwort, but my fish apparently do not read.

I would avoid putting anything really dear or irreplacable in the goldfish 
tank, just in case they take a liking to its taste. Otherwise, give them 
lots and lots and lots of anacharis (or hornwort if you can get it and 
want to try it), and see if they like it. If they do you will constantly 
be removing leaf-denuded stalks and adding more fresh leafy greens. AND 
start planning that 55-gallon or larger tank in the back of your mind, to 
move them into "someday..."

Decor destructive, filter-intensive, dang nuisance fish, those goldies. 
And worth every bit of it, aren't they! ;-)

Elizabeth B. Naime
...who has koi in the pond now, since the goldies weren't tearing up the 
lillies enough...

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