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Re: [APD] Flourish iron & KH drop

This seems to have prompted responses concerning the value of pH 
controllers in CO2 systems!!

Regardless of that, it would seem to be undesirable to have a rapidly 
reducing KH (from 9deg --> ~2deg in just under 2 weeks).

Do those of you who use Flourish Iron compensate for this by some other 

Regards, Kevin

>I just started using Flourish iron &, after a while, I noticed that my 
plants had stopped pearling.
>I have injected CO2 & 330W of CF lighting in a 50g.
>I then noticed that, as I added a capful of Flourish iron, my pH dropped 
a little.
>I tested my KH & found that, over a period of several days, my KH had 
dropped from 160ppm to 50ppm.

>The reason the pearling had stopped was that my CO2 controller (set to pH 
= 7.3) was no longer injecting CO2!!
>I added a few teaspoons of Sodium Bicarbonate to raise the KH & 
everything returned to normal.
>I just did a quick test ...
>My tapwater has a KH of 180ppm.  I added 5ml of Flourish iron to 2L of 
tapwater & waited 30m.
>The KH had dropped to 140ppm.
>Has anyone else had this problem?
>Regards, Kevin
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