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[APD] Excel and Green Water

Vaughn, in a past discussion on green water I chanced to see where you said:

"Even a 29 gallon aquarium with CO2, but an inadequate or
fluctuating amount of CO2, will also soon become an algae garden. The
only exception to this seems to be if you use Excel as a replacement
for the missing CO2." Ah, ha! That's something I need to know about.

What is it about Excel that would make it a replacement for the CO2 as 
mentioned? In what quantities might it be used without CO2 present? Would 
it be beneficial to me with my DIY CO2 system? If so, in what amounts? I 
use only Flourish in both of my tanks, only one of which has the CO2. The 
other has the pea soup.

Vaughn, others, please educate this lowly one.


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