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Re: [APD] Dry Fertilizer dosing

On 3/20/06, Vaughn Hopkins <hoppycalif at yahoo_com> wrote:
> It's good to know you are protecting yourself from back strain carrying
> those suckers up and down the stairs everyday!  </snark>

It's the brain I'm protecting.  I don't know what happened but sometime
between turning 40 and last week my memory took a hike and apparently got
lost.  I've sent out a couple of rescue crews to find it but they appear to
be getting lost as well.  The second set of spoons came about because my
spouse watched me go up and down the stairs about 6 times one day to get the
d*#)% spoons.  (And you thought you were being snarky!)

Shortly thereafter I bought a couple of aerobics DVDs.

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